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Orange County’s Economy

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The Orange County Citizens Foundation is not specifically dedicated to the business community – we serve everyone in Orange County. However, economic health is a key priority to the Foundation. We believe that a strong, sustainable, community of quality businesses will only improve the viability of our overall community.

The Orange County Citizens Foundation hosted a panel discussion in 2014 on the county’s possible future development, during which experts discussed a variety of ways to improve Orange County’s economic outlook.

That same year, the Citizens Foundation developed a business task force composed of business leaders and business groups. This task force met to plan improvements to the business climate in Orange County, and its recommendations eventually led to the creation of the Orange County Center of Business Innovation.

The Center for Business Innovation is dedicated to:

  • Expanding current economic development efforts
  • Bringing higher-quality jobs to the county
  • Creating a strong business advocacy organization to lobby on behalf of Orange County as whole
  • Organizing a system where business is truly integrated in Orange County

For more information about the Orange County Center of Business Innovation, please click here.

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