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Orange Pathways/Heritage Trail

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The Orange County Citizens Foundation got involved with trails and walk-ability over 20 years ago, when a small group of local, dedicated individuals asked us to consider helping them build a paved trail along the Erie Railroad Bed.

It took many years and significant funding, but the result was also significant. The Orange County Heritage Trail is an 11.7-mile trail from Goshen to Monroe.

With help from Orange County, municipal leaders and numerous advocacy groups, the Trail will expand into Middletown. Plans still exist for it to extend through Harriman, and we continue to work toward that goal.

The Heritage Trail also serves as a significant tourism tool. Hundreds of thousands of people from around the county, and the region, use it every year; businesses along the Trail serve the public with bicycle rentals, ice cream, coffee, and more.

While the Trail is owned and maintained by Orange County, the Citizens Foundation continues to advocate for its expansion and upkeep. To purchase a mile marker or to learn more about other sponsorship opportunities, please call Chrsita at 845.469.9459.

Other Pathway Projects

In addition to the Heritage Trail, we have expanded our efforts beyond the Heritage Trail to include other projects that will enhance our county’s walk-ability, recreational opportunities, and tourism offerings.

Today, the Citizens Foundation’s Pathways Committee collaborates actively with elected officials, regulatory bodies, interested individuals, and community groups to promote non-motorized transportation throughout the region. Our organization advocates for the New York Complete Streets program and provides educational and marketing support to trail-builders and supporters.

Our Pathways Committee is always seeking volunteers, both on an organizational level and to help our partner organization construct new trails. For more information, click here.

Using the Heritage Trail in New Ways

In 2013, a group of dedicated running advocates developed the first Hambletonian Marathon and Good Time Trotters Relay. It’s a fantastic marathon and three-piece relay race that incorporates the Heritage Trail.

Proceeds from the relay portion of the Hambletonian benefit the Orange County Citizens Foundation to continue its trail work.

Please consider running or volunteering! Your participation helps us continue to education, market, and construct trails in Orange County. For more information about the Hambletonian, click here.

Thank You to our Members & Sponsors