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Placemaking strengthens the connection between people and the places they share. Vision Hudson Valley encourages current residents to engage in placemaking initiatives to shape a meaningful and sustainable future for subsequent generations. VHV periodically hosts public tours of local and regional spaces, aimed at helping people understand more about the challenges and successes our communities face.

In recent years, we have visited Ramsey (NJ) and Milford (PA), as well as Beacon, Sugar Loaf, Warwick, Montgomery, Cornwall, Monroe, Goshen, Walden, and Middletown in our own Hudson Valley region. We explore the successes these communities have had and the challenges they face. By doing so, and holding frank conversations with their community members and leaders, we hope to foster the sharing of ideas and alternative ways of dealing with challenges in other communities.

Annually, Vision Hudson Valley facilitates a conference to share valuable placemaking ideas, and to honor individuals and organizations “fighting the good fight” by creating great places right here in the Hudson Valley. Conference topics have included infrastructure needs, traffic calming, downtown revitalization, farmers markets, walk-ability, and much more. Speakers range from nationally recognized planners, authors, and change-makers to local “in the trenches” experts.

13th Annual Placemaking Conference

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