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Why Trails Matter!

  • Feb 26, 2022
Why Trails Matter!

In late February Pathways Committee volunteer chairperson Burt Thelander and VHV’s Sharon Soons had a conversation with various County and municipal leaders, and additional interested folks at the monthly meeting of the Association of Towns, Villages and Cities, held this month at Delancey’s in Goshen (the meeting rotates around the county).

Sharon prepared a slidedeck to guide the discussion which highlighted the “Top 10 Ways Trail Matter,” focusing on rail trails and how they benefit the community in myriad ways. Economic, environmental, health and community benefits abound when we embrace trails!

The Orange County team, from the county executive to planning, parks, DPW and tourism, has made excellent progress, including expanding the Heritage Trail (which now runs from Middletown to Harriman NY) and supporting additional trail development all around the county.

The Pathways Committee meets every other month on zoom; if you’d like to participate, just let us know! Our goal is to collaborate and connect the various trail “stakeholders” and to move trails forward!

Pictured (l-r): Jane Samuelson, Kara Cavallo, Burt Thelander, Sharon Soons, Gary Schuster.
Jane and Gary are VHV Board members, and their organizations, Engineering & Surveying Properties and Jacobowitz & Gubits LLP are longtime supporters. Kara is also from J&G. Thanks to all who attended!

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